Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 25 - Merry Christmas!! (Gift Idea)

Welcome to Day 25 of 25 Days of Recipes!  Can you believe it's Christmas?!  I'm so excited for today!  I get to have a peaceful morning w/ just my family, then off to church for a wonderful Christmas Program, then later we get to join my hubby's brother's family for Dinner.  It's going to be a wonderful day.  I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas Day as well.

And we've now completed out last day of 25 Days of Recipes :)  Today I'm not actually sharing a new recipe, but it's a gift to all of you, sort of.  This is what I made for Christmas gifts this year, my Pumpkin Bread.  So, I thought I'd share w/ all of you the idea, for next year (or for any belated Christmas Gifts).

First make all the bread loafs, I made the small loafs, and one batch made 14 loafs.  Wrap in saran wrap, place on 3-4 coffee liners and tie w/ ribbon or scraps of fabric.  Decorate w/ berries and leaves then slide your gift tag under the ribbon.  There ya go!  You've got a beautiful gift to give away to neighbors and friends.  Enjoy!
Merry Christmas!!

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