Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Owl Cupcakes

Aren't these adorable?!  I can't take credit for them though, a very creative lady from my church made them for all the youth.  They were a huge hit!  I don't actually have an actual recipe or tutorial.  But, these were way too cute not to share.  They tasted great too! 

I love the huge eyes and the cute ears (made out of the tops of the oreos).

Cute right?  Enjoy!


Katie said...

I WILL be making these soon! They're so adorable!

Jennae Thomas said...

Haha. Didn't realize that you had made them before:)

Brittany said...

Jennae, I didn't actually make them, but I have eaten them before! Your house was the first time I made them myself! I love them!