Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Starting Out

I decided to start a cooking blog!!!  I had actually been thinking about it for a while, but only secretly.  Until my sister, Bonny, mentioned sometime last week, "Hey you should start a cooking blog!"  That's when I started seriously thinking about it.  The reasons why are: 1st, I really need a place to keep all my recipes, so why not my very own cooking blog?  2nd, I like to try new recipes quite often and then if I like it I want to share them. So, I figured now I don't have to remember to email the recipes out, you just have to remember to look it up on my blog! And finally, I just think it'll be so fun! 

You will find that I really like yummy recipes, but not ones that take a lot of time!  Just, ones that when my husband comes home, he thinks I've been slaving all day to make such a delicious meal.  So you will hardly ever see me post recipes that are extremely time consuming, I like Mommy friendly recipes!!!  Let me know if you try out any of my recipes, and what you think.  Also, I plan on having guest bloggers share their recipes, so if you ever make something wonderful that you'd like to share, take pictures and let me know!  I'd love to have you share right here!  If I use any recipes from another blog, I will make sure to give them credit, so that way you can check out their wonderful blog as well!

Well, wish me luck!  I'm excited :)

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Katie said...

I love this already!! Your blog is so cute! I can't wait to see all the delish recipes you make!!