Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blogiversary Winners!

I couldn't wait, I figured out the winners already, so why wait til tomorrow?!  So if you're on this late, then you get to find out the winners now!

Thanks so much for all of your entries.  I really wish I could give everyone something!  But honestly, that'd be a whole lot of shipping!  Anyways, thanks again.

So after using the winners are...

#1 - The Downey's: Congrats!  You won the Apron, Matching Button Earrings and Dessert Cookbook.

#63 - Susan Lo Vue: Congrats!  You won the "Red" Hanging Kitchen Towel and the #1 blue pair of button earrings (your size choice)!

And, just for fun, I thought I'd give a 3rd prize so...

#27 - Chinoville: Congrats!!!  You won #2 Blue Button Earrings (your size choice)!!

Congrats to the winners!!  Please email me your full name and address to Brittsapron @ gmail dot com and I will have those in the mail ASAP.  Enjoy!

(Winners, you're welcome to change your minds about any colors if you want, just let me know in your email when you let me know what size earrings you want.)

Oh, and my new blogger friend, Ashley from Domestic Imperfection, sent me a dang cute pillow cover, so in return, I'm going to send her something. So, I'm going to need your address too ;)

Isn't it great?!  I don't have a the right size pillow to put in it yet, but here it is.  It's going to fit perfect in my future updated grey and yellow bedroom, one day, if it ever happens...  Thanks again.

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