Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beef Stew (Crock Pot)

After being sick the last few weeks, and morning sickness in the evenings the last couple of months, I figured it was high time I made my man one of his favorite dishes.  Beef Stew, a man's food!  But, I had yet to find one I really loved or could perfect.  So, I went searching for one that wasn't tomato based,  b/c I just don't like them, like really at all.  Then, I found this one and it was perfect bc it was a brown gravy and Lipton onion soup mix base. We all loved it! Especially my husband!  Another bonus? It's all literally just thrown in the crockpot and that's it!

Beef Stew (Crock Pot)

2.5-3 lbs Beef Stew Meat
4-5 Large Carrots, Sliced
4 Large Potatoes, cubed (skin still on)
1 c Frozen Corn
1 Small Onion, diced
1 Package Powdered Brown Gravy Mix
1 Package Lipton Onion Soup Mix
2 1/4 c Water
2 T Flour

Combine all ingredients in the order listed (minus 1/4 c water and flour) in a slow cooker.
Cook on low for approx 10 hours or on high for 5 hours.
Stir ingredients half way through to mix items together.

In the last 15-30 minutes of cooking, if thickening is required, stir remaining water and the flour in a small bowl until the mixture is smooth. Stir the flour mixture in the cooker. Cover and finish cooking.
Serve with crackers or buttered bread. Enjoy!

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