Friday, November 4, 2011

Crispy Oven Baked Chicken

Ok, I'm just gonna say it...this is probably one of the most amazing things I've tasted in a long time!  It was soo good!  It was like a party in my mouth, it was seriously that good!  I loved the taste, the texture and everything about it.  Yum!  It's been a while since I tasted something and couldn't stop talking about it long after I was done eating, I couldn't stop thinking about how amazed I was w/ it!  You have to try it, very easy, and well worth it! I kept putting off making this b/c I thought it was going to be hard/time consuming, but it was actually really quick and easy!  Another thanks to Mel's Kitchen!  Her recipes are always a winner.

It's coated perfectly and just the right amount of crispness.  The flavors are amazing!

Tear wheat bread into pieces and place in food processor and pulse.

Add in Parmasan Cheese, salt and pepper and pulse until combine.

Prepare garlic butter and breadcrumbs into shallow dishes.  Cover each chicken breast in butter and then breadcrumbs.  Oh!  I had a good amount of breadcrumbs leftover, I only used 3 ck breasts.  So, if you want to save some breadcrumbs for another dish, only pour the amount you need into the shallow dish and keep the rest (you don't want to keep any breadcrumbs you've rubbed raw chicken all over.)

Place chicken on prepared baking dish and bake at 350 for 40-50 minutes.  I believe for my size chicken it was closer to 40 minutes.

Oh my gosh!  I wanted to lick that pan, it was so good!

To moist, tender and crispy, yum!

Look at that bite, for real, you'll want to make this.

Crispy Oven-Baked Chicken


8 tablespoons (1 stick) butter
3 garlic cloves, finely minced (or 1 1/2 t. minced garlic)
2 thick slices whole wheat bread (for about 2 cups fresh bread crumbs)
1/2 cup finely grated Parmesan cheese
1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
4 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil and coat lightly with nonstick cooking spray. Set aside. Combine butter and garlic in microwave safe bowl and melt. Pour the butter/garlic mixture into a shallow pie plate or similar dish and cool to room temperature. 

In the bowl of a food processor, tear the bread into large chunks, and pulse until the bread is ground into crumbs. Add in the Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper and pulse to combine.  Pour the bread crumbs into a shallow pie plate or shallow bowl.

Dip each chicken breast in the melted, cooled garlic butter. Transfer to the bread crumb mixture and turn until coated on all sides. Arrange the chicken in one flat layer on the prepared baking sheet. Drizzle any of the remaining melted butter over the chicken. Bake the chicken until it is lightly browned and just cooked through, 40-50 minutes. The baking time will depend on the thickness and size of the chicken you are using. Don’t overcook or the chicken will be dry.  Enjoy!


Estes said...

This looks so good... Now I'm hungry!

Mykat said...

This was so good! I believe this is the first baked chicken recipe that I have ever liked. I used our regular loaf of honey wheat bread to make the bread crumbs. I overcooked the chicken a little bit (I used some slightly thicker cutlets), but I always do that.

Brittany said...

Mykat, thanks for letting me know what you thought. Isn't it amazing? I thought there was no way a baked ck could be this good. It's too bad you overcooked your chicken, but I bet the crust was still pretty amazing!