Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Lunch...Spooky!

B/c it's Halloween, I thought I'd add a special Halloween recipe.  I know it might be too late for today, but, you'll have it for next year or even for dinner this year!  I found this Idea on Pinterest and totally forgot I had planned on making this special lunch for my boys until lunch time rolled around, but luckily I remembered.  I never ever put much thought into their lunches, but I figured one day out of the year would be worth it.  They loved it!  They thought it was so fun, and yummy!

String Cheese Ghosts, Apple Smiles, Ghostly Banana, Zombie's blood (Ketchup) and Hot dog mummies.

Apple Smiles idea found here.

String Cheese Ghosts, I used edible markers to write on their faces. (found in the baking section)  For this idea and all the rest click here.

Ghostly Banana (way cuter w/ mini chocolate chips, but I didn't have any).

My personal favorite, the Hot Dog Mummies.  I used crescent rolls and cut into strips and wound them around the hot dog.  For the eyes?  Mustard!  Enjoy!

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Katie said...

These are so cute!! I bet the boys loved it!